Bike Boom Big Bike Jumble

We are hosting our first bike jumble on Sunday 1st August 2021 and would love you to be part of it. A bike jumble is a bit like a car boot sale but without the car or boot but a place to buy and sell bicycles and bits and anything bike related. If you want to sell at this event please get in touch as space is limited and spare table even more so. We have a load of interesting items from vintage to the obscure and want to see what you have to offer too. Tea and coffee will be available and we will spread out with people inside and outside (hopefully the weather will be nice). Being a Sunday the normally rammed with cars industrial estate is pretty much empty so if you do decide to come by car there should be space for you to park and if you come by bicycle we have spare locks for you to use so it is something less to carry. Please feel free to ask any questions by emailing us or dropping a comment below.

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