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Cargo Bike Tales

The 2nd car is dead, long live the cargo bike!

We weren’t sure how to kick off our first blog, there are lots of topics for comment, the new bike lanes that have suddenly sprung up adding safety to vulnerable road users but are about to disappear again to give way to on street parking or the rise of the congestion beating but illegal electric scooters. However we felt that pragmatism was the best way to kick off our first blog.

Imagine a form of transport that could be used for shopping, the school run, going to the pub, the beach and comfortably take care of the daily commute!

Sounds familiar?

Then imagine something (relatively) inexpensive to acquire, have protection from the rain, cheap to run, don’t need a parking permit, nor road tax and very little servicing.

Know what it is yet?

That’s right an Electric Cargo Bike!

My affair with a Babboe Dog E, three wheel cargo bike started in the Summer of 2019. Archie, the family Weimaraner was slowing on our walk/run to work. We daily travelled between Hove and Fishersgate approx. 4 miles without breaking sweat!

In need of an efficient form of transport I tried a bike with a trailer but Archie was too low to the ground and he absolutely filled it with his gangly limbs which meant that I could not get any shopping in there with him! He also weighs 35 kilos and for many trailers exceeded the weight limit and tested my own fitness. So we invested in an Electric Cargo Bike.

The Babboe Dog E has a ramp so it’s easy to load a dog and handy rings on either side for securing the Hound, it also has a roof so your precious cargo does not get wet. The roof offers protection to the rider too giving shelter from head winds. The box itself protects your feet from everything except the deepest puddles, you don't need any special cycle clothing to travel miles with ease and comfort on this machine.

With a top speed on the flat of 15.5mph (restricted for compliance) the commute takes about 15 minutes, on a good day a car may get there quicker but it will only be a couple of minutes and the drivers don’t get to enjoy the fresh sea air! Even a strong headwind is negotiable as are the hills, in fact both myself, Archie and my partner cycled up to Devils Dyke from Hove for a picnic with all of us bundled in/on the cargo bike.

Yes, you can carry a dog and a small adult and even your dinner all at the same time! Once we pulled up outside the Bottoms Rest and started unloading the passengers I was asked by a young couple if I could take them to the station - there might be a job opportunity for someone there!

With 58% of households owning a second car and the average journey completed in a car is less than 2 miles you have to question the need of a second one. Pollution and its long term effects on our children needs to be taken seriously. It seems very questionable to keep that second car on the road when just about everything it offers can be obtained for a fraction of the cost to the owner and the environment.

Why not give a Cargo Bike a whirl, we always have 3 cargo bikes available for a test drive.


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